The principle of grinding

The powder is introduced into the grinder via a honeycomb valve. The powder is then dragged into the grinding chamber.

We have 2 types of grinders: Pin grinder & hammer grinder

The pin mill consists of a ROTOR and a STATOR, the powder being introduced through the centre of the STATOR disc and emerging through the spindles where it breaks.

The crusher consists of HAMMERS where the grains break in the crushing chamber, and where only the finest particles can be discharged through the selector (the larger particles being ejected back into the chamber to be the desired diameter).

The selector: the ground powder passes through the selector. Depending on the speed of rotation of the selector, larger particles can pass more or less easily through the selector and be expelled. When the grains are below the desired diameter, they can pass through the selector and exit towards the exit cyclone.

Grinding results in a median particle size between 50 and 200 µm.

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