A family business

Our company was created in 1981, the core business of LAB-SERVICE  is particle size analysis and also as a main activity air jet micronization. It remains to this day, an independent and family company of more than 50 people.

LAB-SERVICE works in collaboration with the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food industries.

Our company is specialized in air jet micronization, grinding, sieving and particle size analysis.

Our strengths: with more 40 years of experience in granulometry and micronization, our reactivity, our discretion as well as our role of advising our customers.



1981- Lab-Service was founded «Laboratory of granulometric analysis», in the very house of the creator of the company M.Georges Boullay

1982- Construction in the barn of the family house of the first micronization room. Lab-Service now has a clean room to micronize products

1985- Building of the second micronization room

1990- Installation of the company on the current site of La Roche-vineuse with 4 production rooms

1999- Extension of the site with 2 additional rooms on a building dedicated to B-lactams

2009- Delivery of the extension with all stores and 2 additional rooms

2014- Installation of a new room dedicated only for food processing.

Our strengths


We have responsive and available teams. From your first contact, you work with a competent team that accompanies you throughout your projects, and this as soon as possible. Our experience in the field of micronization allows us to establish specifications that correspond exactly to your needs. Thanks to the efficiency of our quality assurance, the responsiveness of our customer service and the experience of our operators, we achieve your objectives together, whatever the industry field concerned.


Confidentiality is a basic principle at Lab-Service above all, even without a signed confidentiality agreement. Working directly with the pharmaceutical and food industry, professional secrecy is a necessity. We have discreet and experienced teams, who master perfectly the information of our customers in the greatest respect of the professional secrecy. Your projects can still be the subject of a confidentiality contract if you wish.


Your products are processed by trained and qualified operators. We have 9 production rooms to accommodate different categories of products. We also have equipment of different sizes and specific shapes to adapt to the nature and volume of each product. All our equipment is GMP qualified. After each campaign, a complete dismantling and cleaning of the room’s equipment is systematically carried out.

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